Thursday, October 25, 2012

How to Survive a Rexburg Winter

Today marks the beginning of my third winter in Idaho. I am pretty much a pro at survival. As our first snow of the season approaches the 1 foot mark, I decided that I should share a few tips for Rexburg winters. Trust me. It is a winter like no where else. These solutions will not work for everyone, but I’m still alive and going strong!

What I wish I would have known as a freshman...
  •        There is no such thing as a snow day. – Snow is on the ground almost every day from now until late April. Sometimes later if we’re lucky.Almost like the ocean reaching the sky, the snow line does the same thing. If you’re like me and hate snow. Congratulations, you live in a snow globe. Figure it out. You’re going to have to trudge in it every day for the next six months.
  •        We Rexburgers have a term for when you slip on the snow/ice. It’s called “The Rexburg.” –I do not care who you are. Before you graduate or transfer, (whichever comes first), you WILL “do the Rexburg.” Embrace the embarrassment. And save your tailbone, don’t walk with your phone in your hand.
  • Robert Frost was a man of incredible wisdom. – “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” When possible, do NOT take the commonly use route. People walking in the snow equates to snow melting or getting packed down. Melted and/or packed snow equates to ice. Ice means Rexburging. If you can, walk in the powder… If not… Make the best of falling.
  •  NEVER say “It’s cold out.” – Saying it’s cold is like egging the universe on. Right now it’s a balmy 30 degrees. It ALWAYS (can and will) get colder.  Invest in long johns and/or footie pajamas.
  • Winter is not a fashion show. – Some people are totally cute in their scarves and pea coats… but really, they’re freezing. My recommendation, buy a few pairs of CHEAP winter jeans. Walmart actually has some cute ones. Buy them at least a size too big. Then you have plenty of space for layering! (I know, I’m brilliant.) Also, cute boots are just that. Cute. In my experience, cute boots have no traction. Please refer to tip 2 to see the result of no traction.
  • Tuck your jeans in your boots. – I really recommend boots. I really recommend tucking your jeans. Most places use salt to clear the road. Rexburg uses red sand. Washing machines aren’t that great in college. So tuck. Otherwise, you’ll have red clay caked to the cuff or your jeans until April. GROSS.
  • Hair. – Men don’t really have a problem with this. Or makeup for that matter. However, girls, we have issues. My suggestions either put it up, or style it the way it is naturally. We always want what we don’t have but trust me. Curly hair if straightened will just go curly. Straight hair if curled will just look awful. On that note… Make sure it’s COMPLETELY dry before you leave the house… it can, and does freeze. Popsicle hair, though totally fashion forward, breaks. Seriously.
  • Bring tissues. – The fact of the matter is. It’s cold. It will only get colder. Fun fact about cold weather: nose hairs freeze. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling. It’s even worse when you walk in a building and immediately Niagara falls relocated to your face. Either give yourself even time to go to the restroom before class, or bring tissues. No one likes hearing you sniffle.
  • Beware of traffic. – Pedestrians. Bicycles. Unicycles (if you haven’t seen her, she does exist). Cars. You name it. Snow makes people do crazy things. If you Rexburg into someone else… Well, that’ll hurt and I might laugh.
  • Leave your windshield wipers up. – In the cold. In the snow… Rubber freezes to glass. Pretty much everything freezes actually. If you have a car, and you don’t want to replace your windshield wipers every week. Stick ‘em up. 
  • For the beach babes.  - Your skin is probably turning a color you've never seen before. There are three tanning salons in Rexburg. If you want to look like an alien, sign up now. The rest of us are just going to stay pale... It's not worth the drive or walk. 
  • Be positive. -- The last and most important tip to survive Rexburg is to stay positive. There is always something to complain about. Always. Anyone can complain, but it takes a true Rexburg Champion to make the best of this cold, white, and dreary situation.
You got this!! 

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