Friday, July 19, 2013

Cocoa-Coated Truffles

The Beginning: Back in January, I received a prize: cocoa-coated truffles. A whole box! (The chocolate, not the mushroom). I got this prize because I was able to correctly identify by name 40 people after about an hour to mingle. It was a wonderful prize.  

The End: At last it comes. The one week a semester where college students develop super powers. Somehow, without sleep, without food, and without taking a break from studying, we students can still manage to construct a sentence. 'Tis a miracle if you ask me.

Other students are stressing and studying for their finals and I am listing them in my head.


Healthcare Strategy

Managing Technologies in Provider Organizations

Three final exams. 
But I have more finals than that... conclusions of this chapter of my life.

I have lived in the same apartment for two years; I'm moving out.

I have been a student at Brigham Young University-Idaho for 3 years; I'm deferring for 18 months.

I've had the same roommates since freshman year; one is getting married, the other is transferring.

I have been on Dance Alliance for another 7 months; it will be my last time.

These are just a few of the finals I have to endure this next week. It is such a bittersweet emotion... A bit like cocoa-coated truffles. When you pop 'em in your mouth you just want to spit it out it's so bitter, but then, it gets sweet, and starts to melt and it's amazing... 

However delicious as truffles may be, I am trying to avoid my "finals" by filling my time online shopping for mission clothing (the frugality part is painful); thinking of clever things to blog about and then forgetting them right as I sit down to type it all out; and finding creative uses for food items that I have in excess, (I ought to just donate to a soup kitchen).

On the flip side of endings are beginnings. I will be starting a new adventure in Mesa. I will be serving my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ... and getting a gnarly farmer's tan while I'm at it. I will meet new people, make new friends, and share the greatest gift I have to offer: my testimony. 

The end is just the beginning and I am so excited!
To cocoa-coated truffles...

 Happy finals week everyone! 

Monday, July 15, 2013


Addict: to devote or surrender (oneself) to something habitually or obsessively

My dear friends, I am an addict. 

Some people are addicted to coffee. Not me.
Some people are addicted to energy drinks. Not me.
Some people are addicted to alcohol. Definitely, not me.
Some people are addicted to methamphetamine. Again, definitely, not me. 
Some people are addicted to television. Not me (Insert quote: "Ain't nobody got time for that!")
Some people are addicted to video games. Again, "ain't nobody got time for that."
Some people struggle to admit addiction. Not me.

I am addicted to Subway cookies. 

In some ways, I'm your typical addict. I make you try it and get you "hooked" too. I have a "dealer." And I go borderline crazy without my "substance". 

In other ways, I'm not your typical addict. I am totally aware of my addiction. Yes, it may control me, but it doesn't make me do stupid things... Unless, of course, you consider driving around to find the proper quantity stupid. 

You would think that a sandwich shop that has used a man named Jared, who lost 245 lbs by eating their sandwiches, as their main marketing tool for years wouldn't sell cookies. Well, let me tell you: Subway sells cookies. And they are D-E-licious. I'm talking, buy them by the dozen good. 

There are four, yes, 4, Subways within the city limits of Rexburg. And I have absolutely no problem walking into one, checking to see if they have a dozen cookies, and if they don't I drive a mile or two to the next location. I then proceed to purchase my cookies. 

I may or may not eat my dozen cookies within in 24-48 hours. Never more, never less. 

I recommend the double chocolate chip cookies. 
They are my guilty pleasure and I suggest they become yours as well.